Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the less helpful mindless chatter of which to rid myself of has exposed itself to be uncontinuous and perhaps grammatically challenged verses that have absolutely no purpose in being read...
…Has ever since been so completely humiliated and shamed by the words and slanders of others as to almost become immune to such pretense as would have previously dismayed and appalled even the strongest of individuals, where by, I have continued on the precipitous task of continuing in with my previously devised plan of lofty and fully thought out happiness, is the word in which I choose to refer to the joys that are the purpose of all carefully laid out endeavors of recent determination, to the point of exhaustion. And while others might not see this as an enlightened path, of which shall hold any, let alone, perhaps a regard enough in which to continue, it is actually, within this unlimited world, it is in fact the very idea of such opposition in which lends to fuel the fever of which I am now currently disposed. For I do have inside this body of mine, a brain that has fed itself along with countless other loves and experiences for which it has now come to be in me. And in this way, I have helped myself to design the very conquerable task at hand, by which I shall continue, either until the end of my days, or until some new and more convincing plan is lay before me, in which to alter the first and original plan to its conclusion.

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