Saturday, January 5, 2008

There are people…sometimes. I think. How very lucky I am. They are not meant to be there forever. Truly remarkable souls that touch your life. They know you. Not all inconsequential things as …But they know your soul & they blessed you enough to inspire you for the rest of your life. They know your smile and can cry for your pain. They bless you and wish your darling beautiful children happiness. And you know this comes from the most intimate expression of their heart…and again you know that you are blessed. You see they will never belong to you. But they will always love your soul. They will always see inside of you. Even without saying I love you. This will never leave. They tell you that you are a romantic realist, and you think what a lovely notion it would be to actually believe this true in yourself. They tell you that you have made your life art, and you know he will always love you, if not yours, at least your soul.

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